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Clã: in English please !

One of the best Portuguese bands. This is just one way to present Clã. Together since 1992, the six musicians, signed by the record label EMI Music, released their first album in 1996, after some years at the rehearsal room and making a national tour. «LusoQualquerCoisa» was one of the most expected records of 1996 and the nomination for Best New Act, on the Blitz Awards, came with no surprise.

A handful of lyrics written in Portuguese by Carlos Tê – one of the most important songwriters of Portugal – with music signed by Helder Gonçalves – the guitar player and composer of the band – based on international pop-rock influences. On stage, their strength and rhythm capture the audience attention and, since 1996, the relationship has grown stronger.

In 1997, the second album of Clã, «Kazoo», took them to Brazil and Macau, on their first shows outside Portugal. At the same time, the band lead singer, Manuela Azevedo, won the Best National Female Vocal Award, from Blitz magazine. With all attentions on them, Clã knew that the career was growing and, with confidence, accepted a challenge made by the LISBON EXPO 98 (world exhibition) organization - to do a project called «Afinidades» with Sergio Godinho – one of the best Portuguese songwriters and artist. This partnership was a recognized success.

After the first presentation of «Afinidades» in Lisbon, Clã and Sergio Godinho decided to take it on a national tour that began in Oporto with three full house nights. Recorded live at Rivoli Theatre, Oporto, the album «Afinidades» – Clã e Sérgio Godinho was one of the best selling records in Portugal.

Invited to be part of the most important events and tribute albums, Clã released their third record, «Lustro», that made them one the most wanted bands in 2000. Again nominated to Blitz Awards, they won the awards for Best Female Vocal, Best National Band and Best National Album. Along with an extensive national tour, «Lustro» was also released in France, and the band played in Paris, Bordeaux and Barcelona.

Interested in art, as a whole, Clã proved their range in 2001 composing an original soundtrack for the silent movie «Nosferatu» from F.W. Murnau (1922). An invitation made by Porto 2001 - Capital of Culture integrated in the project «Odisseia nas Imagens», witch included a live performance of the band together with the movie. The film-concert «Music for Nosferatu» continued on a national tour with the Murnau Foundation approval.

«Rosa Carne», Clã’s fourth album, was considered by critics one of the most important albums of 2004 and was presented live all over the country.
In the same year, lead singer and guitar player, Manuela Azevedo e Hélder Gonçalves, were invited to participate on a big project called Humanos. A tribute to António Variações, an icon of Portuguese popular music dead in the 80s, that was the best selling record that year and, after a few live presentations, came out on a live CD/DVD.

After a very successful live tour, praised by their electrifying performances, Clã decided to register how they sound and look on stage by releasing, in October 2005, a live double CD called «Vivo» and a DVD untitled «Gordo Segredo». Both were critically acclaimed by the press.

After an international adventure, through Brazil, Macau, Spain and France, they get back to studio to record their fifth record, «Cintura». Luminous, adventurous, sensual and well humoured, this album continues the collaboration with great Portuguese and Brazilian songwriters with curious and poetic lyrics.

The band first presented it live in closed venues getting closer to the audience and the feedback couldn’t be better. The «Cintura» tour continues, this time on the bigger stages of the summer festivals and outdoors concerts.

Looking forward to present this album abroad, Clã makes the first effort in South by Southwest, Texas (USA), than continues in Spain, Hungary, Brazil and Greece.

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